PRATO TNT GROUP SRL Tessuto non tessuto Non Woven
Via Garibaldi, 31 - Montale 51037 (PISTOIA) Italy
Tel.: (+39) 0573 929637 Fax: (+39) 0573 929617
REA: Pistoia 513646
- P.Iva: 02223270972

The Pecchioli family, has always been committed to manufacturing and customizing products made from non-wovens.

The company’s dedication to providing it
's customers with flexible, value-for-money solutions has made it a leading player throughout Europe.

‘Improving your lifestyle’: this is the objective towards which Prato TnT Group srl endeavors with the passion and commitment that have made it the undisputed leader in the non-woven market.

Innovation and research: Prato TnT invests consistently in technology to achieve continuous improvement in the technical standards of our products.

Quality of service: at all stages of the customer relationship, from order to delivery, thanks to our longstanding experience in responding to customer needs.

Extensive range: a large number of non-woven textile products for a wide variety of uses. Infinite possibilities for customization.



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